Le Bab – Soho

Last week I battled down Oxford Street through thundersnow, sleet and puddles to meet up with my lovely uni friend Steph. She is the cutest little thing and it had been over a year since I last saw her, so we were well overdue a catch up.


I suggested we meet in Kingly Court, one of my favorite little central London spots for a bite to eat and a (soft) drink. We are both doing a half arsed version of Dry January where week day drinking is not acceptable, but weekend drinking totally is.



Look how lush it is in here! If it wasn’t so bloody cold at the moment, I could have happily wiled away a few hours people watching.


I had hoped we could nab a table at my favourite place “The Rum Kitchen”, but my assumption that everywhere would be quiet on a snowy Thursday evening, at 6pm proved foolish.

After circling the floors a few times, and being turned away more times than Mary in Bethlehem, Le Bab opened its doors to us and gave us a table that was free after a booking no show.


We shared the “Le Bab Hummus” to start which was served with a nice culinary twist of warmed naan instead of the usual pitta. I like to think of myself as a bit of a Hummus connoisseur having spent a lot of time in the Middle East growing up and having made my own a lot. I know it’s hard to get hummus wrong, but it’s even harder to get it really right…and this was so good.


We both opted for the Herdwick Lamb Adana Kebab, which came with curried parsnip puree, parsnip crisps, blistered pickled onions, curry mayo and a portion of chips with cheese fondue on the side. It was a proper winter warming dish, and it is recommended by the staff that you eat with your hands. Steph did a much better job of tidily eating hers that I did.




The chips were a bit too salty for my taste, and an awful lot of small crispy ends rather than actual chips made fondue dipping a bit of a challenge. We might have been tempted into having dessert, but there was only one on the menu and it didn’t tickle our fancy this time.

But overall, it was a tasty meal. I have to confess I was still a little hungry after I left (I hadn’t had lunch that day which is probably why) but with this in mind I would consider Le Bab more of a lunch date place than a dinner venue.

The company and conversation, as ever, was outstanding! Thanks Steph ❤


Clarke x





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