Gluten free mac and cheeeeese!

Last week, Katie and I decided to have a night in at mine, complete with some sort of deliciously bad comfort food. We settled on mac and cheese-because what’s not to love about carbs and cheese?!


So I got to work on planning which cheese to put in. I love mac and cheese and am constantly striving for the perfect combination of cheeses to put me into a dairy induced food coma happy place.

Katie and I have these friends, Porridge and Lily (don’t ask why we call her Porridge as she can’t even remember) who absolutely love mac and cheese (I mean, who doesn’t), but Lily is lactose intolerant and she still goes for it, so that is the dedication level we are at here. So of course these were my go to guys for the best cheesy combo or recipe to use. Within approximately 3 seconds of messaging, Porridge returned a recipe, originally written by The Londoner. I had a quick scan and it looked incredible so this is what I decided to make for Katie’s visit.

As Katie is GF I made sure not to poison her by grabbing some gluten free pasta and so. much. cheese. The recipe has Gruyere, Cheddar and Parmesan and is so simple.


Firstly grab a big saucepan and fry off some bacon and garlic. Once brown and crispy set aside in a bowl. No real amounts needed, just enough for a) your liking and b) the amount of people you need to cater for.

Then add your pasta to the pan. I got carried away and poured the entire bag in so needless to say we had enough pasta for about 6 people (or enough for 2 of us and then for my lunches for the next few days!)

Into this pour a pint of vegetable stock and half a pint of milk. (You may need to alter this slightly depending on how much pasta you use. I needed to add a bit more water later on). Boil this until the pasta is cooked a little less than to your liking (it’s going in the oven so don’t over cook it).

Once the pasta is done, it’s time to add the cheese! The official recipe calls for a “fist sized” amount of Cheddar and Gruyere and about a third as much Parmesan. Grate this while the pasta is cooking and then you can just put it all in once the pasta is ready. Also add the bacon and garlic. Stir it all up so the cheese melts in.

The recipe I used ends there, but in a bid to amend it slightly, we decided baking it would give it the edge it needed. I hadn’t used all of my cheese so I poured the delicious, cheesy goo into an ovenproof dish and grated the remaining cheese over the top- using some of each of the three.

Finally, bake! 10-15 minutes should do it, or until the cheese is melted and has turned brown on the top.


Then EAT. We accompanied the pasta with some GF garlic bread which Katie found in Waitrose. As someone who very much loves a bit of gluten, I couldn’t actually tell the difference between any of this meal and a usual carby overload, except that I didn’t feel so full and heavy afterwards. So win-win!

Obviously we are girls of very little will power, so having had this accompanied by wine, obviously we ended up going out 😉 So this made a perfect hungover snack/meal today ( I say snack because I could currently eat for England).



Clarke and Rowls x




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