Tony Moly – I’m Real Skin Care Facial Masks

I want to tell you all about my new Sunday night obsession – Tony Moly face masks!


I was introduced to Korean beauty products a few years ago by my lovely friend Bumki who lives in Seoul. He sent me a gift pack with a ton of masks in and loved them.

I finished them all a while ago and had kinda forgotten about them when I spotted these bad boys in Topshop just before Christmas. I was very excited! I bought Rowls one as a wee gifty and swore I’d treat myself to one after pay day (I thought they were a little bit expensive at £6 each, but I figured at that price they must be pretty good)

However, a few days later I discovered you can buy the whole set of 11 for £12.60 on Amazon. Before writing this blog I thought it best to try every single one of them to make sure they were alright, and I’m now on my 3rd order and am OBSESSED.


I’m not one for the faff of a regular face mask to be honest. Sure it’s relaxing while you are smoothing it on, but once it starts to dry and crack it’s just uncomfortable, and don’t even get me started on the washing off process. Not relaxing at all.

However, these masks are just a natural fibre sheet that has been doused in serum. You have to gently remove the delicate piece of cloth from the (super cute) packaging, smooth out over clean, dry skin and leave for up to 30 minutes. The time frame is just a guide – sometimes I leave them on for 15 minutes, sometimes I have a doze for an hour with one on. When you take the mask of, make sure you massage in any remaining product residue and be on your merry way – it is super simple.


Very aware I look like I belong on Silence of the Lambs but I don’t care!

They smell good and feel quite refreshing when they’re on, but the big wow is when you take them off. I’ve never used a face mask that was so effective. My face felt instantly really refreshed and nourished.


Also, how cute is my hair band! You can pick these up on amazon too for the bargain price of £1.49, with free UK delivery!

Time for bed Zebedee.


Clarke x


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