Early morning at The British Museum

This morning I found myself feeling a bit fed up.

My inspiration well had run dry.

I was feeling all together a little bit lost.

Every morning, on my way to work on Tottenham Court Road, I walk past the back of the British Museum, but this morning I decided to pop in to clear my head and recharge my batteries.


It was just the breath of fresh air that I needed.

The building opens at 9am, but most of the exhibits don’t open until 10am. I was just happy to wander around the beautiful main hall, browsing the gift shops and making friends with some of locals.


Asides from a few very cheerful members of staff, I had the place completely to myself and it was sheer bliss. No crowds, no children, no tourists. Just the sleepy sounds of a museum waking up for the day.


After half an hour, I felt ready to rejoin the real world again and headed to work. But if I ever find myself a bit world weary again, I’ll be sure to pop back. Maybe next time I’ll treat myself to a coffee and a daydream a few more minutes away.



I hope you have a good day,


Clarke x


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