The Full Monty

Tres sorry for the delay in getting round to writing this post – I think I have only just recovered from the hangover that this night induced. So while the details are a little fuzzy, I can promise you I had a lot of fun.

Last weekend my Muma, my Aunty and I headed in to Cambridge for a night of fun, fish and fit men.

We started the night at Loch Fyne, which is a firm favourite for a fish dish in our family.


It was bloody cold out, and I wanted to wear my tiny new playsuit, so in the spirit of compromise I got wrapped up in my biggest fur coat. Sadly this is the only picture I have of my outfit, but you get the point. I think.


Every night out with these two starts with a glass (*bottle*) of vino…

Cheeky twinny’s

We started with starters, the very best place to start in my humble opinion. Aunty had a perfectly cooked smoked haddock scotch egg, while Muma had some utterly divine chill garlic prawns.

Both of which they professed to be delicious.



But my starter of Oysters with Tequila and Lime was the real show stopper…


3 fresh oysters, served with tequila filled pipets and wedges of sour lime. Fun and tasty!


For mains, the cheeky twinny’s opted for the same classic Loch Fyne dish of Moule Frites.



I chose something a little more exotic from the Loch Fyne’s limited edition, which is bursting with exotic spices and vibrant flavours.

I opted for the chargrilled jerk Swordfish, with pineapple salsa and sautéed potato salad. I can hand on heart say, that it is a shame that they don’t have this on the menu all year round. It was incredible, and would definitely order it again. img_4009img_4015

After two bottles of vino, and pleasantly full tummys we headed off to The Cambridge Arts Theatre to hunt out some delicious men


In 1997, a British film about six out of work Sheffield steelworkers with nothing to lose, took the world by storm! I was seven years old when the film came out, and never did get round to watching it. So when Aunty asked if we would like to go watch the theatre production I only had a vague idea of the storyline, but I was sold at the mention of a naked Gary Lucy.

Based on the smash hit film, and adapted for the stage by Oscar-winning writer Simon Beaufoy, this hilarious and heartfelt production stars Gary Lucy, Anthony Lewis, Andrew Dunn, Louis Emerick, Chris Fountain and Kai Owen.



We grabbed ourselves 3 Full Frontals – a vanilla vodka and raspberry puree cocktail, topped with prosecco, and made ourselves comfy.




The beauty of the stage play, as with the film (which I have since watched – 5 stars!), is the journey winding its way between tragedy and comedy on which all of the characters proceed – so it’s not just about the bare bottoms!


Featuring songs from the film by Donna Summer, Hot Chocolate and Tom Jones, it really is the perfect girls night out – we laughed, we whooped and we tapped our toes along to the music. You really should drop absolutely everything (apart from your trousers) and book a ticket today!



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