Sunday Boyfriend

The pair of us often say that being single is great, but it would be nice just to have a Sunday boyfriend. We keep ourselves busy throughout the week, with great jobs and greater friends; spend our Fridays and Saturdays drinking gin and having a good time, but wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to do everything and nothing with on a Sunday.

So we decided sod it, we’ll be each other’s Sunday boyfriend, despite the fact we rarely see each other on a Sunday and neither of us qualify as a boyfriend. But we do sometimes have a Sunday adventure. Last Sunday we decided to venture to Cambridge. The plan was, go to Butch Annie’s (our favourite- I’m surprised it hasn’t appeared sooner in the blog to be honest), and go to see La La Land. So off we popped on grey afternoon to see our old pal Annie.

The front of Butch Annie’s, Cambridge

As the rain drizzled down, Katie used her keen photography eye to take photos while I battled through half a hangover and half illness. But what better cure for a hideous cold than a delicious delicious burger?!

So down the stairs we popped into the dark, down to the little restaurant. Walking down the stairs there is the neon burger sign and as we stepped into the warm glow, we were greeted with a chalkboard instructing us to wait to be seated and a smiley waitress who immediately showed us to our table.

Stairway to heaven…

A small restaurant, there is a long bar and booths with low hanging lights over them. The lighting is soft and subdued, light enough to see perfectly what’s going on, but not harsh or bright. The walls are adorned with graffiti- writing and pictures of strange characters and words, including the toilets being named “twalettes” which is, for me at least, just a great word that everyone uses but is rarely registered. Most people I know who have visited have laughed that laugh that shows the familiarity with the word.


We sat down and perused the menu- despite the fact the pair of us could probably tell you every burger and what it contains off the top of our heads. Katie was snapping away as usual, as I drooled over the thought of a Smokey Joe- usually served as an Iberico pork patty, with lettuce, cranberry jam, garlic mayo and smoked cheese (didn’t even need to look it up) but I switched pork for beef.

Katie went for a gluten free The Jack – all burgers are available with a gluten free bun for those coeliacs among you. This one has Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, streaky bacon and a smothering of sticky Jack Daniels bourbon sauce and mayo (there might be some onion in both of these so I don’t completely know the menu off by heart).

And of course, what would be a good burger outing without sides?! The menu at Butch is small but perfectly formed, so although the choice is limited, it is all it needs to be. There are fries, which come with a choice of seasonings, and onion popcorn which is served with a yoghurt dip.

We opted for fries with rosemary salt and a portion of the popcorn to share between us, as well as a side order of garlic mayo. The great thing about spending Sunday with your best friend is a) not worrying about stuffing a burger in your face as inelegantly as you please and b) not caring at all that there’s garlic mayo in your burger, and on the side, and that you probably have breath to slay a vampire.

You don’t get that kind of comfort on a first date 😉

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 11.57.52.png


Within about 5 minutes flat, all traces of burger were demolished and we sat back and admired the carnage of empty wrappers and a few odd chips left.

We paid up and headed off for the cinema buying snacks en route of course (at this time of year snacks can only mean mini eggs). However when we arrived, we were disappointed to find that the film, and most other films for that matter, were sold out. The woman on the till I must say, was pretty rude about it as well. Not to get us down however, we decided to head back to Chez Clarke.

As the rain continued to pour, we made microwave popcorn, ate mini eggs, had face masks that made us look like Michael Myers a la the Halloween films (see Katie’s previous blog on the face masks), and snuggled under a fluffy blanket watching the cheesiest of films (I won’t tell you which one, lest you judge us).

Papa Clarke also treated us to his culinary expertise – as if we needed anymore feeding. Not that I was complaining, as he made us an incredible bolognaise.

A perfect cosy Sunday, what could be better.

Peace and love

Clarke and Rowls x


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