Song of the Day

Hannah and I have been bad little bloggers lately, but you’ll be pleased to know we have been out doing lots of fun things, sometimes together and sometimes apart, and will fill you in on all the details soon.


I thought I’d touch base with you all real quick and share a wonderful (if not somewhat late) discovery I made this morning. Everyone was hyping about this song a few weeks ago, and I can see why.

Sat on my commuter train to London, I hit play closed my eyes and was instantly transported to a better place. A place where I was laying on sun lounger, under the hot hot sun, on a golden beach with palm trees swaying softly in the sea breeze with a rum cocktail in hand. Lets just say that little fantasy massively cheered up my Tuesday morning.


Last month, a Jamaican reggae artist called Conkarah collaborated with his 14-year-old sister Rodesha, or Rosie to cover Adele’s “Hello”, giving the song a reggae island twist.

They posted the video on Facebook and it has already received over 52 million views.

Cover songs are my guilty pleasure and when I was at uni I was obsessed with Pop Punk covers, but I have a feeling that this summer I am going to be totally hooked on reggae covers. So here it is, check it out!

Who would have thought Adele songs could get any better…!?

If this has whet your appetite, I’ve found a whole playlist on Spotify dedicated to reggae covers and it is pretty spectacular.


Love, Clarke x


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