Shoot the runner…or the clay

As Katie and I went off on our adventure last year we decided it would be a great idea to get our parents together beforehand so they could meet and therefore console each other while we were off having the time of our lives. Lucky for us, they all hit it off and are now great friends and therefore we arrange little dates now and again to get everyone together.


Therefore a few Sundays back, Katie and I arranged a daddy/daughter day and went off for a spot of clay pigeon shooting. (Don’t worry, Mama Clarke and Mama Rowls weren’t left out, they were at home enjoying wine and preparing a massive roast for our return).


So off we went on a chilly morning to Lakenheath shooting range to shoot those pesky clays. Katie, and both of our dads are experienced shooters and have all the equipment- protective goggles, ear defenders, guns etc…I just made sure I wore a jacket that looked country enough and was annoyed that I don’t own a flat cap. So as you can probably guess, this was all new to me! Other than a paintball gun, I’ve never shot anything.


We started off on a practice run. Push the button and a clay flies out. Katie, Papa Clarke and Papa Rowls all went ahead of me and shot the clays no problem. Then it was my turn. Holding dad’s shotgun I attempted my first shot. There is a video of this and the recoil is hilarious but I did manage the entire day with no bruises which I count as a small win. I think the term Katie’s dad used when I shot at it was “Not quite but you scared it” ha!


We moved on to another practice round where I did manage to hit a couple and I was so chuffed! Not bad for a 3rd and 4th attempt. And so with that we moved around to the actual course.

There were variations of different clays- small, big, some flying toward and some flying away. As well as some called “rabbits” which fly across the floor. We each took it in turns, shooting and catching them. Unfortunately for me it was a little while before I managed to hit anything else, however I did manage to hit a low flying “bird” which no one else managed to hit! I was so excited. This was then closely followed by an accidental shot straight into the ground.


After a hard morning (yeah right) we headed home to the mothers. Unfortunately Katie’s pops had to run off to save lives (he’s a firefighter) so it was just the 5 of us for dinner. Mum made roast pork, accompanied by all the trimmings and plenty of wine. This was also followed by Katie’s famous (famous because it’s from BBC Good Food) butterscotch rice pudding. With full tums and a warm wine glow we had a lovely cosy Sunday afternoon. Don’t fret, no real pigeons or rabbits were harmed in the making of this blog, and no dads went without dinner- we sent a plate home.

Rowls x


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