Fine wine-ing

For Muma Clarke’s 50th Birthday, I wanted to make sure we had a weekend of fun celebrations planned – and what better way to kick things off than with a trip to a vineyard!


After a stressful wowcher voucher experience, I finally managed to book us 4 places on the vineyard tour and wine tasting at Chilford Hall, just a stone’s throw from Cambridge.

It was a bit of a long slog up to the vineyard itself, and it wasn’t long before we were lagging behind like a bunch of naughty school kids. Trit trotting along in our heels while the rest of the group wore hiking boots (much more sensible but much less glamorous)!

IMG_2985IMG_2986IMG_2989IMG_3001Granted, booking a vineyard tour at the beginning of March wasn’t my greatest idea. Everywhere was still rather bleak and wintery, and there wasn’t actually a great deal to see but our guide was fantastic and I’d love to visit again in the summer.



IMG_0459After we’d seen where the grapes were grown, we were shown where the magic happens. The wine making barn.


All very informative, but of course we were eager to get our hands (*mouths) on some of vino we’d been hearing so much about.


Slightly windswept and with chilly toes we were glad to be inside. We were shown how to properly sample the wine and were given four different types to sup on. Sadly, there was no red wine on the menu but that didn’t mean we enjoyed it any less.


While we waited for lunch we stopped for a selfie or two.


IMG_0457The team at Chilford were happy to accommodate two gluten free guests but sadly the meal left a lot to be desired. Twice we had to send our jacket potatoes back because they were raw, and in the end we just gave up and polished off the chicken and salad which was delicious but not enough to soak up the skinful of wine we had consumed. That being said, the gluten free brownie and ice cream that we were given for dessert was sinfully delicious and more than made up for potato-gate.


Considerably warmer post lunch (maybe due to wine, maybe due to an improvement in the weather) we headed outside to wait for Papa Clarke to pick us up. Within seconds of being outside Muma C found a Birthday crown to adorn her head.


We found a very handsome gentleman in the grounds and naturally took the opportunity to have a little photoshoot.



IMG_0461It was an aboslutely fantastic day (despite the slightly dodgy lunch!) and a bargain price of £59 for 2 people when you purchase a voucher through I highly recommend it and will be certain to visit again when the vines are in full bloom.



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