7 Things to cheer yourself up this week

Some of the best things to get involved with this week.

Read – The Secret


I’m a big believer in signs, and far too many people this year have referenced “The Secret” to me in one way or another so I figured it was time to give it a read. It’s pretty good, and a lot of it makes sense – give it a try and see if it will change your life…

Buy it on amazon here

Watch – American Gods


When I found out one of my favourite Neil Gaiman books was being made in to a TV series I audibly squealed with excitement. The gods of old are at war with the new gods worshipped by our modern culture, and so far the series hasn’t let me down. As things stand, this is some of the best casting in a book-to-TV adaptation I have seen in recent memory.

You can watch it here

Cook – Avocado Spaghetti


This is one of my all time favourite, go to recipes – mainly because it is so simple and so bloody tasty.

We all know that avocados are wonderful. On toast, in guac, or even scooped straight from the skin they aid fat burning, reduce inflammation & bloating, reduce cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, reduce signs of ageing, improve bad skin, work to prevent and fight cancer & heart disease.

Full recipe on The Londoner here

Follow – G Adventures

I had a bad week last week. I’d been making lots of plans which all fell through at the same time, work was mad busy and I was finding myself wishing for hot sands, warm seas and margaritas more than usual. After a lot of internal debate I finally booked myself on to the Mayan Adventure, departing on the 26th November.

The services from G Adventures was flawless and they organised everything for me, even finding me the best deal on flights.

For some rad travel inspo follow them on Instagram here. Or to read more about my pending trip, or to book one of your own click here.

Listen to – Magic FM 

Who doesn’t love some classic, golden oldies. Always guaranteed to make you grin.

Download – Shuffle Cats

I am so freakin’ hooked on this game. Essentially its a traditional card game of rummy where you can place bets depending on how brave you feel. Obviously, the main reason I love it is because it is set over the rooftops of 1920’s London and hosted by a group of cats.

Get it here

Peace out, Clarke x


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