¡Arriba, arriba!

A few weeks ago, I was feeling a bit frazzled so decided to book a spur of the moment trip to Mexico. Which ended up being a month long trip to Mexico, Guatemala and Belize – I certainly don’t do things by halves.


I booked the Mayan Adventure, through G Adventures.


Leave the resorts of the Mayan Riviera behind and explore the authentic Yucatán. From sunny beaches and lush jungles to the highlands of Chiapas, journey through Belize, Guatemala and southern Mexico on this incredible 22-day adventure. Explore the amazing ruins of Chichén Itzá, Palenque and Tikal and walk the cobblestoned streets of colonial San Cristóbal de las Casas and Antigua. Snorkel with stingrays or just get into the reggae pace of life on a sunny Caribbean island. Experience a journey that introduces you to local culture and offers insight into the history of the Mayan heartland.

Sounds pretty amazing right?!

But these are the main 5 reasons I picked this trip:

  1. Food

    Sour and salty margaritas, cool creamy guac and more tacos than you can shake a stick at. If you don’t like Mexican food, I don’t like you. I can’t wait to gorge on fresh lobsters in Caye Caulker, make my own chocolates in Guatemala and drink Mexico dry of tequila.


2. Cenotes

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well check this out… I’d never heard of a Cenote until I started researching this trip, but now they are one of the things I am most excited to visit. The Mayans revered cenotes because they were a water source in dry times; the name cenote means ‘sacred well’. Mayans settled villages around these spiritual wells and believed that they were a portal to speak with the gods. Most cave cenotes have fresh water that has been meticulously filtered by the earth, making them so clear and pure that you can see straight through to small fish frolicking in the plant life below. Open-air cenotes also have clear water, and often are home to vitamin- and mineral-rich algae that nourish and protect your skin.


3. Ruins

Mexico is home to some of the richest archaeological sites in the world. Thousands of pyramids dot its landscape, with the most famous near Tulum and Mexico City. I love history and learning about ancient civilisations and have wanted to visit Chichen Itza since watching Mel Gibson’s Apocolypto at Uni.


4. Group Tour

I love my friends, but we are useless when it actually comes to organising holidays and I don’t really fancy the idea of travelling on my own. For me, group tours are all about relaxing – I  know that each day I wake up someone is going to have the best day possible planned for me and I don’t have to worry about a thing. However, the thing I love most about group tours is it brings together like minded people who get to experience adventures together, both with my Trek America and Contiki tours I made friends for life and I can’t wait to meet a whole new bunch of pals in November.


Who wants to come with me?

Clarke x


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