Summer Wishlist

After 6 months of working crazy hours, 6 day weeks and having no time to shop I’ve found myself pulling together a wishlist of things I want to treat myself to with all my delicious holiday pay!

Also, my birthday is rapidly approaching so if anyone is feeling particularly generous….

  1. YSL Monogramme medium suede satchel – £931

    Words cannot express how much love I have for this bag, every girl needs some YSL in her life.1

  2. SoundLink® around-ear wireless headphones II – £199.99

    My trusty Beats headphones are giving up the ghost, I think these would be the perfect replacement.2

  3. Skye Two Piece – £29.99

    How cute are these, I 100% need these to enjoy lazy Summer Sundays in the garden.2

  4. Watermelon Hat – £10.52

    Nobody puts Baby in the corner.2

  5. Canon Powershot G7X Mark II 4x Zoom Compact Digital Camera – £549

    I’ve got a great SLR already, but it is a bit too chunky to chuck in my bag on a daily basis. This little Canon has some awesome reviews and would spice up my blog posts nicely.

  6. Olivia Burton Chrono Detail Tan & Rose Gold – £135

    I’ve not had a watch of my own in years, and this is the first one I’ve seen that I’ve really, really wanted.2

  7. Big comfy leather arm chair – £859

    Hannah and I have started house hunting in Royston, and I’ve got dreams of coming home to her and curling up in a cosy leather chair while she cooks me dinner!2

  8. Steal the spotlight dress – £29.99

    I’m off to Ladies Day at Newmarket Races on the 13th July, and I am really struggling to find the perfect dress for the occasion. This one is a strong contender at the moment, I think I might just order it now…


I think I’ve got some saving to do, haha!


Clarke x



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